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Remanufacture or Overhaul Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) Series: O-200 O-300 O-470 IO-240 IO-346 IO-360 IO-470 IO-520 IO-550 TSIO-360 TSIO-470 TSIO-520 TSIO-550 GTSIO-520 TSIOL-550

Remanufacture or Overhaul Textron Lycoming Series: O-235 O-290 O-320 IO-320 LHIO-360 LIO-360 HIO-360 HO-360 LO-360 O-360 IO-360 AIO-360 TO-360 TIO-360 AEIO-360 O-540 IO-540 TIO-540 AEIO-540 TIO-541 IO-720

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Aircraft Engines are our only business.

  • "Gold Seal®" quality rebuild and overhaul of all reciprocating piston aircraft engines, including Lycoming, Continental
  • Turbine aircraft engine service and rebuilding shop specializes in complete overhauls of all Pratt & Whitney PT6A turbine engines, hot section inspections, and also services JT15D turbine engines
  • Distributor for aircraft engine cylinders, pistons, rings, connecting rods, camshafts, crankcases, valves, sumps and gears.
  • Distributor for Engine Components® Inc. (ECI) aircraft engine cylinders, fuel injection systems, and connecting rods.
  • Factory authorized Cirrus aircraft service center.
  • STC'ed turbo-normalizing systems for Beech Bonanzas.
  • Aircraft engines and kits for experimental aircraft and air boats.
  • Centrally located in Colorado.

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